an enormous city


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released October 20, 2014



all rights reserved


BIBLE PILOT Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: ounce remains
passing out at midnight
on a highway
with a thought in mind

20 lights in my eyes
without faces
recreating weight

somebody cracked something in my head
a bright blue shock shakes from electric clocks
& i cannot curb manners of my mind
i'm locking styles for miles & miles &

i should sleep for centuries
just fading in & fading out
dreaming out the drive downtown
that calculates a human sound
cities sleep inside of me
developing my ways & means

we are alone all the time, by design
& i feel afraid of these feelings of mine
Track Name: emotions & lotions
smoke in a mouth
finding a way out

you could smell it on me
when it stuck to my teeth
as we roamed an old street
between houses here
i am outta step with my years

if that is you & this is me
i think my mind is more at ease
if this is life & that is death
i think we might be heaven sent

there is a force
that can never fail

there's a moral question
& a moral sentence
to my minds & actions
i feel fine for time
coughing low & standing in line

if i were you & you were me
we'd fall asleep more easily
if this is black & that is white
we'll always wrong from right
Track Name: cormorant
i'm a little like family
i'm a little estranged, you'll see
i'll be burning for so long
learning all about right &

wrong soul to carry coal
yeah i've been read so i've been dead
folk songs can carry wrongs
when we sing along

there's no way to stop brain decay
but you'd forget that in any old way
i'm a nice guy but i don't like nice things
because i've seen death & it's been burrowed in my brain

get me outta town
pull up the underground

tired of wires, warrants & liars
don't mind my mind, these sounds are all mine
i still believe my senses should sing for me
Track Name: new water
these are the days
we arranged
for the boomtown

weekends in planes
stealing space
reconnecting ground

analyze emerald painted miles
between the breeze
smell a sea burning down

we will kill as kings
when we heal our wings
but in case we shatter
we will drink new water

we built machines
in our dreams
that's a system

straining mundane
outta veins

sometimes a saturday earns my crown
sometimes a view of the pool gets you down

we won't quit the queens
we'll maintain our means
but in case we shatter
we will drink new water
Track Name: basement town
bulldozers get around
when we're breaking ground
slap that family hand
slide with the other-thans

forfeited fortune's crown
slipped in basement town
fist full flush with cash
exchange when bodies ask

the city sings what the city's seeing
enormous scenes move inside me

drunk on my mother's luck
kept me out the rough
while i'm tracing streets
i'm bleeding poverty

do fathers really know
what they claim to know?
who could claim to own
all of these settled stones

the city sings what the city's seeing
enormous scenes move inside me

sometimes these sentiments
are buried down by the tenements
& i breathe more easily
slow to grope that gravity in me

i move carefully
i know the blood's in me
Track Name: cloud
face to a face
could not fight
my palms on the ground
but i'm alright, alright?!

& i know
i should've let it just go
i should've felt my breathe go
but i was lost aloud in cloud

face on the ground
but i'm alright
i just wanna speak, want to say:

"please, let me stay"