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released June 17, 2016



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BIBLE PILOT Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: whyland
the better man is a stranger
& that is what mama feared

in inertia he'll linger
in sentences & in bones

but we are stuck human beings
with default wants & default needs
not one pump of a heart is ours
we don't decide desires

impossible to be free when
each day i'm stuck in me
Track Name: shit neuron
we are snakes: corded brains
our spines have slithered into our homes
miles of electronic thrones

are there thoughts in the shock?
we got no words to talk
just feel it: these dry little dreams
shitting & screams

i heard the warnings, brainstem stories
so i matched muscles with their trigger sense
a sense of touch lighting sentiment

i'm inside the tweak
sliding by degrees

it’s easy to be me
rehearsing simple scenes
playing a program we can’t rewrite
ours is no home

i'll decide:
count me out of any thrones
inside of chromosomes

why would i ever to want to get human?
why would i ever to want to get humanized
in someone else’s eyes?

scissor the umbilical cords
cauterize the open birth sores
fuck your trust in human wonder
truth is found in perfect numbers
Track Name: edgewater
i am breathing ocean breeze
i am packing beach
under feet

sand is reaching into knees
& a crashing wave
murders words

if i dip into the sea
maybe i'll drown

i am not a human being
i just take it on the cheek
aberdeen is not for me
i'm here temporarily

screaming back into the sea
heard that water calling me
never know how people swim
but i think i'm getting in
Track Name: milk or blood
catch me hiding in little lungs
playing a sedated monkey
caught a thought that i cannot process
it makes a mess of my means

i'm not me at the moment
emotional ghosts are holding my body
they are tugging at eyelids & groping my brain
i can't complain, i feel nothing

i am in need of a feeling
when i feel nothing at all
violence went silent inside of my mind
it's stripping paint from the walls

well here's emotion:
i want you to see you in me
maybe the word is love

carry the notion
way out into the cities & streets
tangling lives in hugs

get me promoted
to a place i can feel human beings
i miss that sense of touch
i miss the milk & blood
Track Name: licensed lizard
i am an accident
& baby, maybe that's alright!
for accidental people there's no wrong or right

...until i walk berlin walls
hit me up, human hurt
getting human, feeling small
happy to be anything at all

electric: i am so alive
& i keep time, to my delight!

fill my heart up
with this love & art
i pump this blood
it's a great red flood

isn't it a joy just to be alive?
i'm flipping on the tip of any small surprise
i'm opening my heart & mind & eyes
to gauge the size of our insights

it's a complex prize to be alive
but isn't it a joy that we got this time?
i won't waste yours if you won't waste mine
i won't waste yours if you won't waste my time
Track Name: a new year in munich
the plaza explodes in violence
& munich stands there smiling
get a sleepy train to regensberg
i let a mind inside me

but underneath my smiling eyes & solitary mind
i never knew you were the one
i never knew we'd overcome
i never really tried
you cannot know how small i feel

& there's a seller's plane
that leads me to berlin
the city lives in lines of silver
i know now that we weren't the only
uncelebrated lives in our aisle

but underneath my smiling eyes & solitary mind
i never knew you were the one
i never knew we'd overcome
i never really tried
you cannot know how small i feel

when i run over our lives & virginia lies
i could run all the way back into fairfax
so i wouldn't face facts
i could've built a house in you